Great Scott (1 DVD)

Great Scott (1 DVD)

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Varios - Great Scott (1 DVD)

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Great Scott
American Opera in Two Acts
Music by Jake Heggie
Story & Libretto by Terrence McNally
World Premiere in Dallas on October 30, 2015
The Winspear Opera House
at the AT&T Performing Arts Center

1 Overture 7:21
2 And that, ladies and gentlemen 1:47 (Eric, Tatyana, Winnie, Anthony, Wendell, Roane)
3 From Number 11 4:36 (Eric, Roane, Winnie, Tatyana, Wendell, Anthony, Arden, Chorus)
4 Vesuvio, il mio unico amico 5:03 (Arden, Winnie, Wendell, Tatyana)
5 Five years ago, I was in St. Petersburg 4:14 (Arden, Tatyana, Winnie, Wendell, Eric)
6 La mia schiava prigioniera! 4:57 (Tatyana, Arden, Anthony, Wendell, Roane, Winnie, Eric, Chorus)
7 And we are on a break! 1:05 (Roane, Ensemble)
8 Talk to me about Roane, Winnie 3:56 (Eric, Winnie, Roane)
9 The writings on the wall 2:51 (Roane, Eric, Anthony, Wendell)
10 La la la la la la la 2:03 (Anthony, Wendell, Winnie)
11 I want to be Americas soprano 5:13 (Tatyana, Anthony, Wendell, Eric, Winnie)
12 Young, ambitious and a huge talent 5:57 (Arden, Winnie)
13 Oh Mrs. F, I wanted to be famous and wonderful 3:34 (Arden, Winnie)
14 Sorry Tommys late 10:42 (Sid, Tommy, Arden, Winnie, Roane)
15 And we are back 5:12 (Roane, Wendell, Anthony, Eric, Tatyana, Arden, Chorus, Tommy, Winnie)
16 I get scared, too, Tommy 4:36 (Arden, Tommy, Eric)
17 And we are all dancing! / The Fountain Dance 1:38 (Eric, Chorus, Voice)
18 Its a disaster 3:46 (Winnie, Eric, Arden, Amor, Wendell, Tatyana, Anthony, Roane, Chorus, Tommy)

19 Prelude 1:59
Scene 1: The Starry Spangled Banner
20 Ladies and Gentlemen 4:09 (Announcer, Tatyana, Troopers)
Scene 2: Backstage
21 Arden, you have seen the future 4:04 (Arden, Winnie, Eric, Roane, Wendell, Anthony)
Scene 3: Rosa Dolorosa, Act One
22 Ah! Tremo! 6:32 (Chorus, Arden, Anthony, Wendell, Tatyana, Tommy)
Scene 4: Backstage
23 I thought that went extremely well 1:58 (Anthony, Arden, Wendell, Tommy, Eric, Tatyana)
Scene 5: Ardens Dressing Room
24 Its open, Roane 7:04 (Arden, Sid, Roane)
25 I dont care how good what was 4:21 (Roane, Arden, Eric, Wendell, Anthony)
26 Youll never be her 2:49 (Arden)
27 Maestro Bazzetti, are you there? 1:47 (Arden, Ghost of Vittorio Bazzetti)
28 Look for me, Im there on every page 6:22 (Bazzetti, Arden)
29 All that you leave behind 3:30 (Bazzetti, Arden)
30 Arden. Arden! Youre not dressed for the Mad Scene! 1:02 (Roane, Arden)
Scene 6: In the Wings
31 No man over twenty should be asked to wear a toga 1:03 (Anthony, Wendell)
Scene 7: Rosa Dolorosa, Act Two
32 La bellissima Agrippina 4:07 (Chorus, Arden, Anthony, Wendell, Tatyana)
33 Padre divino (Rosas Prayer) 3:12 (Arden, Tatyana, Anthony, Wendell, Tommy, Chorus)
34 Io sola posso salvare Pompei (Finale) 4:58 (Arden, Chorus)
Scene 8: Curtain Calls
35 Applause / Mrs. Flato, Im so sorry about the Grizzlies 1:38 (Arden, Winnie)
36 Thank you for your wonderful support 3:13 (Winnie, Arden, All)
Scene 9: Ardens Dressing Room
37 Look at the chat boards 4:58 (Eric, Winnie, Roane, Arden, Anthony, Wendell, Tatyana)
38 Its always the song, not the singer 4:10 (Arden, Roane, Tatyana, Winnie)
Scene 10: Center Stage
39 Wow. Youre beautiful 2:17 (Sid, Arden, Tommy)
40 The empty theater 2:04
41 Curtain Calls and credits 1:49