B.S.O. Holmes & Watson (1 CD)

B.S.O. Holmes & Watson (1 CD)

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Fecha de lanzamiento: 22/02/2019

Varios - B.S.O. Holmes & Watson (1 CD)

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Varios - Album B.S.O. Holmes & Watson (1 CD). Banda Sonora de HOLMES & WATSON con música original del premiado compositor, cantante y artista visual Mark Mothersbaugh.


The New Kid
Main Titles
Mosquito Fight
Dutch Jig
Sherlock Arrives in Court
Birthday Party Source
Cutting the Cake
Watson in Love
Follow the Tattoos
Meet Braun
Toilet Sized Chunks
Men's Club Source
Dr. Watson is the Killer
Take Him Away
What is this Tear?
Moriarty's Daughter
Sherlock Can't Think
Watson Hailed as Hero
10-Gallon Hats
End Credit Suite