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Natural Brown Prom Queen (1...
  • Nuevo

Natural Brown Prom Queen (1 LP)

Sudan Archives
30,63 €
1. Home Maker2. NBPQ (Topless)3. Is This Real? (Can You Hear Yourself?)4. Ciara5. Selfish Soul6. Loyal (EDD)7. OMG BRITT8. ChevyS109. Copycat (Broken Notions)10. Its Already Done11. FLUE12. TDLY (Homegrown Land)13. Do Your Thing (Refreshing Springs)14. Freakalizer15. Homesick (Gorgeous & Arrogant)16. Milk Me17. Yellow Brick Road18. #513
Sugaring Season (1 LP) Sugaring Season (1 LP) 2
  • Nuevo

Sugaring Season (1 LP)

Beth Orton
25,39 €
MagpieDawn ChorusCandlesSomething More BeautifulCall Me the BreezePoison TreeSee Through BlueLast Leaves of AutumnState of GraceMystery
Bring Backs (1 LP)
  • Nuevo

Bring Backs (1 LP)

Alfa Mist
25,39 €
TekiPeople (Ft. Kaya Thomas-dyke)Mind the Gap (Ft. Lex Amor)Last Card (Bumper Cars)CoastingAttuneOnce a YearOrganic Rust
Bastards (2 LP Remastered) Bastards (2 LP Remastered) 2
  • Nuevo

Bastards (2 LP Remastered)

Tom Waits
25,39 €
LP 1 (A)1 What Keeps Mankind Alive (Remastered)2 Children's Story (Remastered)3 Heigh Ho (Remastered)4 Army Ants (Remastered)5 Book Of Moses (Remastered)LP 1 (B)1 Bone Chain (Remastered)2 Two Sisters (Remastered)3 First Kiss (Remastered)4 Dog Door (Remastered)5 Redrum (Remastered)LP 2 (A)1 Nirvana (Remastered)2 Home I'll Never Be (Remastered)3...
Brawlers (2 LP Remastered) Brawlers (2 LP Remastered) 2
  • Nuevo

Brawlers (2 LP Remastered)

Tom Waits
25,39 €
LP 1 (A)1 Lie To Me (Remastered)2 LowDown (Remastered)3 219 (Remastered)4 Fish In The Jailhouse (Remastered)LP 1 (B)1 Bottom Of The World (Remastered)2 Lucinda (Remastered)3 Ain't Goin' Down To The Well (Remastered)4 Lord I've Been Changed (Remastered)LP 2 (A)1 Puttin' On The Dog (Remastered)2 Road To Peace (Remastered)3 All The Time...
Bawlers (2 LP Remastered) Bawlers (2 LP Remastered) 2
  • Nuevo

Bawlers (2 LP Remastered)

Tom Waits
25,39 €
LP 1 (A)1 Bend Down The Branches (Remastered)2 You Can Never Hold Back Spring (Remastered)3 Long Way Home (Remastered)4 Widow's Grove (Remastered)5 Little Drop Of Poison (Remastered)6 Shiny Things (Remastered)LP 1 (B)1 World Keeps Turning (Remastered)2 Tell It To Me (Remastered)3 Never Let Go (Remastered)4 Fannin Street (Remastered)LP 2 (A)1...
Tristan (3 LP)
  • Nuevo

Tristan (3 LP)

Igor Levit
46,79 €
LP 1 (A)1 Liebestraum No. 3 in A-Flat Major, S. 541/32 Tristan / I. Prologue3 Tristan / II. LamentLP 1 (B) 1 Tristan / III. Preludes and Variations2 Tristan / IV. Tristan's Folly3 Tristan / V. Adagio - Burla I - Burla II - Ricercare I - Burla III - Ricercare IILP 2 (A) 1 Tristan / VI. EpilogueLP 2 (B) 1 Tristan und Isolde: Prelude (Arr. for Solo Piano by...
Bruckner: Symphony Nº 5 In... Bruckner: Symphony Nº 5 In... 2
  • Nuevo

Bruckner: Symphony Nº 5 In B-Flat Major, Wab 105 (1 CD)

Christian Thielemann & Wiener Philharmoniker
14,88 €
1. Introduktion: Adagio - Allegro2. Adagio, sehr langsam3. Scherzo: Molto vivace (Schnell) - Trio: Im gleichen Tempo4. Finale: Adagio - Allegro moderato

Tempo (1 LP)

Dom La Nena
20,15 €
1 Tempo2 Oiseau Sauvage3 No Tenga Miedo4 Todo Tiene Su Fin5 Valsa6 Quien Podra Saberlo7 Moreno8 Doux de Rêver9 Esperando Alma10 Teu Coraçao11 Samba Para Você12 Vejo Passar13 Milonga

Soundnitia (1 LP)

Fitz Gore And The Talismen
21,89 €
A1 Requiem For Julian Cannonball AderleyA2 Steal AwayB1 DelilahB2 A Sinner Kissed An Angel

The Sitting Room (1 LP)

Anne Clark
21,09 €
A1 The Sitting Room 2:21A2 Swimming 1:41A3 An Ordinary Life 2:41A4 Shades 1:53B1 Short Story (Party Mix!) 1:52B2 The Power Game 0:45B3 All We Have To Be Thankful For 4:14

Asi (1 LP Maxi)

10,88 €
A1 ASIB1 ASI (Instrumental)

El Clasico (1 LP)

Papi Churro
18,47 €
A1. DesiertoA2. Libertad (feat FLKS)A3. Machu PicchuA4. Belleza" (feat Cy Leo)A5. CallejeraA6. Baila MeA7. El BarrioB1. La OfrendaB2. Saguaro View (feat Kid Taro)B3. Libre Como Un Loco (feat Phlocalyst)B4. BesitoB5. Cancion Del Mariachi (feat Phlocalyst)B6. SinaloaB7. Companeros (feat Franz - bonus track)

The Blues Album (1 LP Plata)

Joanne Shaw Taylor
22,83 €
1. Stop Messin' Around2. If That Ain't A Reason3. Keep On Lovin' Me4. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody5. Don't Go Away Mad6. Scraps Vignette7. Can't You See What You Are Doing To Me8. Let Me Down Easy9. Two Time My Lovin' Me10. I Don't Know What You've Got11. Three Time Loser

Trust (1 LP)

18,47 €
01. Need this (feat. Methone)02. Time on me03. Skukinunu (feat. John Debt)04. Br34th3 (feat. wilo)05. Broken06. In my closet (feat. Modeselektor)07. Forget08. The way back (feat. Modeselektor)09. Mess it up10. Stay unsaved (feat. Aamourocean)11. Despierta (feat. O.L.I.V.I.A.)

Moonlight Love Affair (1 LP)

Parov Stelar
22,83 €
1. Fire2. Candy Girl feat. Vallemarie3. Golden Dawn4. Better Believe feat. Mani Hoffman5. Black Bird feat. Mani Hoffman6. Dirty Mariposa7. AKH Odessa feat. The Russian Gentlemen Club8. Venom9. Toy Boy10. Toxic Lover11. Lights Off feat. Anduze12. Above the Ground feat. AVEC13. Candy Girl (Late Nite Mix)

B.S.O. Belle (2 LP)

31,90 €
1. U millennium parade, Belle*2. Whispers Kylie McNeill* 3. Slingshot Miho Hazama, Taisei Iwasaki4. Memories of a Sound Taisei Iwasaki5. Blunt Words ermhoi*6. Gales of Song Belle* 7. Fleeting Days Ludvig Forssell8. Swarms of Song Belle*9. Alle Psallite Cum Luya Ryoko Moriyama, Sachiyo Nakao, Fuyumi Sakamoto, Yoshimi Iwasaki, Michiko Shimizu, Kaho...

Steve Reich: Reich/Richter (1 LP)

Ensemble Intercontemporain
22,41 €
Cumberland Blues (Live at the Empire Pool, Wembley, England) [2022 Remaster]He's Gone (Live at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) [2022 Remaster]One More Saturday Night (Live at the Lyceum Theatre, London, England) [2022 Remaster]Jack Straw (Live at the Olympia Theatre, Paris, France) [2022 Remaster]You Win Again (Live at the Lyceum Theatre,...
32,65 €
LP 1 (A)1. Al T. Joe - Rise Jamaica (Independence Time is Here)2. Jimmy Cliff - Miss Jamaica (with The Beverley's All-Stars) 3. Owen Gray - My One Desire (with The Sonny Bradshaw Quartet)4. Drumbago's All Stars - Duck Soup (with Duke Reid's Group) 5. The Beltones - Gloria (Love) 6. Roy & Patsy - My Happy Home (with Hersang & His Combo) 7. Derrick...

God Save The Queen / Under Heavy Manners (1 LP)

Robert Fripp
29,02 €
1 Red Two Scorer2 God Save The Queen3 19834 Under Heavy Manners5 The Zero Of The Signified6 God Save the King7 Music on Hold (previously unreleased)

Jazz Codes (1 LP Black)

Moor Mother
21,36 €
1 Umzansi (Feat Black Quantum Futurism Featuring Mary Lattimore)2 April 7th (Feat Keir Neuringer)3 Golden Lady (Feat Melanie Charles)4 Joe Mcphee Nation Time Intro (Feat Keir Neuringer)5 Ode To Mary (Feat Orion Sun & Jason Moran)6 Woody Shaw (Feat Melanie Charles)7 Meditation Rag (Feat Aquiles Navarro & Alya Al Sultani)8 So Sweet Amina...

Animal Sentimental (1 LP)

23,37 €
1 Vou Pedir-te Um Coraçao2 Qué He Sacado Con Quererte3 As Palavras Vestem Luto4 Dança de Mágoas 25 Da Vida Quero Os Sinais6 E Se A Morte Me Despisse 27 De Alguna Manera8 Fico A Cismar9 Valsa Das Sombras10 Volta Atrás11 Fado Gigante
LP 1 (A)1 The Golden One - Joseph Trapanese & Joey Batey2 Nilfgaard Attacks3 Nivellen4 Some Wounds Can't Be Healed5 Kaer Morhen6 Leshen7 Aretuza Loses AnotherLP 1 (B)1 Power and Purpose2 The Pendulum3 Witcher Training4 Myrapod Chase5 Stay With Me6 Chernobog7 Elder BloodLP 2 (A)1 Burn Butcher Burn - Joseph Trapanese & Joey Batey2...